Thursday, 23 February 2012


After taking photos to my hearts desire on day 1, I wandered through carnaby street to that place of wonder and childhood memories, liberties. Paraded through the perfumes and make-up section being restrained enough to only by a Trish McEvoy mascara (if you haven't tried it do ... panda eyes and flaking are a thing of the past it's amazing.)
I also popped into H&M (the one on regent street is now officially my favourite in London) and fell head over heels with a metallic Cardigan. It's just fab. And I thought it needed an outing so off to somerset house I tripped again.

Cardigan - H&M, Denim Shirt - Topshop, Leather leggings - zara, Shoes - BCBG.

This girl was gorgeous, Her bag was just amazing.

Loved this girls look, super cool and the shoes are  something i'd never have thought of, I love it when that happens. But one every now and again does think I like it, very Alexa Chung. Only thing is, you know who does Alexa Chung really well .... Alexa Chung. Still she looks fab.

Really simple, really cool.

This girl was super sweet, and looked really cool, upsets me that you can't see how delicate the lace actually is.


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