Saturday, 25 February 2012

Furniture cave!

This was my favourite find in the whole of the 3 floors. A Pirelli Calendar from 1998 shot by Bruce Webber and entitled
"Women that Men Live for"

After the franticness of london I decided to escape to the countryside, to my brothers in exeter. He lives in this little place called topsham that has the most amazing 3 store antique / junk shop full of everything and everything. I happily spent an hour rootling through the all the nick naks. Random paintings, books, everything. Here are the things that I found interesting for their own way.

So cute, all of these are old postcards most of which had little messages on spent ages flicking through them and reading all the messages.

look at their expressions so funny.

Thursday, 23 February 2012


After taking photos to my hearts desire on day 1, I wandered through carnaby street to that place of wonder and childhood memories, liberties. Paraded through the perfumes and make-up section being restrained enough to only by a Trish McEvoy mascara (if you haven't tried it do ... panda eyes and flaking are a thing of the past it's amazing.)
I also popped into H&M (the one on regent street is now officially my favourite in London) and fell head over heels with a metallic Cardigan. It's just fab. And I thought it needed an outing so off to somerset house I tripped again.

Cardigan - H&M, Denim Shirt - Topshop, Leather leggings - zara, Shoes - BCBG.

This girl was gorgeous, Her bag was just amazing.

Loved this girls look, super cool and the shoes are  something i'd never have thought of, I love it when that happens. But one every now and again does think I like it, very Alexa Chung. Only thing is, you know who does Alexa Chung really well .... Alexa Chung. Still she looks fab.

Really simple, really cool.

This girl was super sweet, and looked really cool, upsets me that you can't see how delicate the lace actually is.



So don't get me wrong I think that people should wear what they like, to a point ....
I do have to say that sometimes as far as i'm concerned it just isn't fashion anymore it's a costume. You can argue it both ways but I think that fashion should be an expression of yourself but not so far that you become a caricature of ones self.
Anyho with that rant over here are couple of pics of street style from my 1st day of LFW.

Love this outfit, just a beautiful skirt from free people. Plus had a total fur lust after the scarf. 

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LFW is one of the only places when it is completely acceptable to take photos of random people with out asking. But absolutely loved this girls looks, her hair was amazing, the whole look was so pretty. 

The Cambridge Satchel was out in force at Sumerset House in every shade imaginable. The purest in me likes the simplicity of the white satchel against the grey and black pallet of her outfit. 

LFW 2012 day 1 pour moi!

So I thought I'd given up on the blog front and knew it was going to take something big to get me back into  writing. LFW was just that. Having taken holiday that completely by chance coincided with LFW I took my trusty camera and most serious fashionista persona and set off down to somerset house.

I finally managed to dip into the patisserie shop I walk past everyday and have a slice of the strawberry tart, so good and even better that I felt like it had been earn't through generally running too late to stop!

I love the look of these french meringues with the swirl of pink through them, only thing is my brain can't really cope with what chocolate meringues will taste like. 
Just can't manage it.
Guess it'll have to be the next thing I try when I walk past again.


My pathway took me through inner and middle temple and thought that it would a good place to grab a couple of picks whilst been given both utterly confused and slightly disdainful looks from our countries barristers. Really quite hilarious. 
I love little bits of london and there are always people there but you never go to unless you have a purpose, wandering around without one felt almost inappropriately luxurious. 

Dress & Shoes BCBG MaxAzria, Bag -Zara, Necklace - Whistles

How Great is this Elephant in this tiny little court yard down on fleet street. There was a cleaner in one the windows giving us the "you definitely can't be there" look so we snapped and went!

After all this galavanting about I finally made it over to Sumerset House. Street Style photos to follow.