Thursday, 23 February 2012


So don't get me wrong I think that people should wear what they like, to a point ....
I do have to say that sometimes as far as i'm concerned it just isn't fashion anymore it's a costume. You can argue it both ways but I think that fashion should be an expression of yourself but not so far that you become a caricature of ones self.
Anyho with that rant over here are couple of pics of street style from my 1st day of LFW.

Love this outfit, just a beautiful skirt from free people. Plus had a total fur lust after the scarf. 

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LFW is one of the only places when it is completely acceptable to take photos of random people with out asking. But absolutely loved this girls looks, her hair was amazing, the whole look was so pretty. 

The Cambridge Satchel was out in force at Sumerset House in every shade imaginable. The purest in me likes the simplicity of the white satchel against the grey and black pallet of her outfit. 

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