Thursday, 31 January 2013


This tuesday, which was a particularly miserable day, my housemates and I headed out for an evening of gorgeous italian food and Lincoln in the relatively newly refurbished Electric Cinema on Portobello Road. 

I'm wearing Christies Bowler Hat, Forever21 blue leather jacket, Topshop jumper, Zara shirt, Carvela trainers  and carrying an umbrella (unknown origins!) and Asos oversized clutch.

Our first stop was Saporitalia. A little italian restaurant where all the waitresses/chefs are actually italian, much gesticulation whilst telling us about the specials was enough proof and the food is fantastic. 

The moment we sat down we were given some delicious tomato bruschetta dripping in olive oil .. and a glass of prosecco without any prompting. YUM and a very good start in my books.
 Non of us being capable of making a decision other than we should really have at least one pizza resulted in 3 of us sharing 3 mains, after our antipasti starter. (The other had a "Joey doesn't share food" moment so kept hers to herself.)
The pasta was amazing, the sauces rich and delicious and the pizza from the blazing woodfired pizza 
oven the best pizza I've had in a while. 

In short it was a delicious, perfect meal. New favourite italian ... Check.

linguine al frutti di mare

Ricotta and Walnut Ravioli in a porcini cream. (This one was my favourite I could have eaten 3 plates of it.)

Pappardelle in a porcini cream with truffle shavings.


Feeling satisfied we head to the cinema just down the road. Such a cool place. We had hired two of the beds at the front of the cinema which was fab. We snuggled down into watching Lincoln. Great film Daniel Day Lewis performance in it is breath-taking. If you are planning on going to see Lincoln and I recommend that you do, expect to be emotionally and physically drained afterwards. 

Also if the electric cinema is your chosen destination, Wednesday to Saturday they have freshly baked donuts, which from the whispers I've heard are definitely worth taking into consideration.

Old school sweets, you can also get burgers, cheese boards, the fore-mentioned doughnuts. 

No pull down seats in this cinema, everybody gets an arm chair.

Settling down for the movie ... safe to say the shoes definitely came off! 

Tickets booked for the Great Gastby ... 100%, it would feel wrong to see it any other place!  

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