Monday, 25 July 2011


No high street store got its spring/summer collection so damn right as ZARA did this year.
I have a thing about the texture of clothing and get disappointed on so many occasions when spotting an item from across the store upon touching it feels like it has been made of the cheapest material known to man, you know the one that sends shivers up your spine and not in a good way.
Anyway ZARAs use of silky cottons, along with the perfect colours have made keeping up to the must trend of colour blocking a breeze.
And whats more is their sale is absolutely FANTASTIC! I keep finding myself in there thinking oooo thats nice and it's how much (this time in the good way.)
So here's what i've picked up at the zara store this summer. 

(Sorry about the slightly creased clothes! haven't had much time to iron lately!)

Good new is by the looks of things their autumn/winter collections is looking pretty great also! 

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