Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I haven't yet touched on my other passion in life and that is ballet.
I love to dance, as Nicole Kidman said in her chanel advert. And I love that ballet is fast becoming 'in vogue', thanks to multiple things, not least the film 'Black Swan.' Which I LOVED just incase you were wondering.
But it is now coming to the fashion world, notably in an advertising campaign by LOVER (label) for the A/W collection 2011. It was created by LOVER and the australian ballet and is completely beautiful in every way.

Unfortunately I can't find a way to embed the video so, until I can, here's a link to the site. Well well worth a look trust me.

Also here a just a couple ballet inspired fashion shots that I love.

 This first  one is from Russian Vogue

The iconic scene of waiting in the wings peering out on stage.

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